Jainism Convert    

my own study of Jainism

मैत्रीप्रमोदकारुण्यमाध्यस्थानि च सत्त्वगुणाधिक क्लिश्यमानाविनेयेषु ॥११॥
                                                                                                        - Tattvārthsūtra (Chapter 7, sutra 11)

These four भावन bhāvanas (right conceptions) help us make sense of how to practice अहिंसा ahiṃsā: मैत्री maitrī (friendliness), प्रमोद pramoda (joy), कारुण्य kāruṇya (compassion), and माध्यस्थ mādhyastha (intermediacy). Should the affirmative logician find his self lost in the maze of nullified illogic, Jainism gives us at least these four linguistically cleaner truths to work with. Converting from faith to faith looking for advice I could effectively follow with clean conscience, I still found my teachers to be speaking illogic. Maybe Jainism contains the essential ingredients I can use to resolve some of my thus far lasting obstacles.